ode to raison d’être as actually lived


elusive self-abstraction,
amateur scientists
claim to observe you
in others. 

they say
you settle
between senses
of purpose & accomplishment;
vision & reality;
drive & history…

…some mashup of
self-concept, forecasting, & social fit—
imagined or feared
as flow.

you spread like a sedative
among tribes,
& parade naked around
the cul-de-sacs of the ego,
masquerading as a platonic ideal
everyone is supposed to have,
even though no one pretends to feel your ethereal embrace,
except in
extreme moments of milestone neophilia.

it doesn’t matter
if you are sought

family or friends,
progeny or sex,
career or craft.

jester & guide,
your strange metamorphoses

your résumé:

melody of life’s master category,
mystical wind-chime of change,
community stethoscope,

compass for
the hero’s journey.

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